Review of August

Hello there again!

I haven’t posted anything for a week. I was supposed to earlier but school picked up very quickly. It deeply saddens me to say that August is over and my adventures of that warm and unforgettable month are in the past now. I made a list of 44 activities I had never done before to keep me busy during August and although I didn’t do anything crazy, like skydiving or travelling somewhere, I did do some things. 21 out of 44 things to be exact – that’s ALMOST half. So my list turned out to be a bit too long for me but I don’t mind. It was the most productive summer I’ve ever had and it helped me change my behaviour. I don’t procrastinate as much, I have more self-control when it comes to saying no to late nights and coca-cola, and this has all led me to start better habits to let me focus in classes and help in school. Knowing myself, I feel like I accomplished so much this summer and surprisingly, such an accomplishment helped me improve my unhealthy patterns like never before. I will definitely work on this list some more as I had started some of the items but never had the chance to finish them being so busy this past summer. I will keep posting, probably infrequently, about any updates on my list. Next summer, I will post a new list with less items so that I can finish all of it properly. Here’s what I did in August:

  1. Jump into pool fully clothed
  2. Stay up all night to watch sunrise – One of my favourite experiences of the summer
  3. Watch all episodes of Dexter
  4. Bonfire with friends
  5. Star Wars marathon
  6. Give flowers to strangers
  7. Bake with friends
  8. Build a fort with sheets
  9. Where’s Waldo??? (To Be Explained) – Okay, so my friend and I were supposed to do this photography project, but we hit a bump in the road when we couldn’t get permission to take photos at the mall. We have some new plans but they will be carried out in due time.
  10. Go stargazing
  11. Write a poem – I have plans for a new poetry blog so when I find the right time, I’ll start it.
  12. Hit someone with a pie
  13. Jog at sunrise
  14. Paint a mural
  15. Finish entire chap stick – This took me 31 days believe it or not.
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Learn and use 10 new words – I have the words, I just haven’t used them.
  18. Go to sleep before 12
  19. Ding Dong Ditch
  20. Make a time capsule – A work in progress
  21. Conduct a survey in public
  22. Expand my coin collection
  23. Tie-Dye shirts
  24. Finish a scrapbook
  25. Disney Movie marathon
  26. Wake up at 7 for a week (Failed Miserably)
  27. Get to Tetris Friends Rank 60 – I got to rank 53 and went down from there.
  28. Get my hair lighter naturally
  29. Bake mugs
  30. Finish an entire puzzle
  31. Bike to confederation park
  32. Learn to juggle – I can’t find anything to juggle at home. So sad.
  33. Make a memory box
  34. Get my G1
  35. Try melted crayon art – Turned out AMAZING. At least I think it did.
  36. Get my nails done
  37. Catch fireflies in a jar – Completely missed the time when these bugs were easy to spot outside.
  38. Go to the Science Centre
  39. Learn the alphabet backwards
  40. Take the city bus by myself
  41. Make a birdhouse
  42. Make a “Places to go Visit” list
  43. Go on everything at Wild Water Works
  44. Balloon Photo Shoot


This experience rewarded me in ways I never imagined. If you have the chance, try it! Make a goal like I did. It helped me improve in other areas. Creating a bucket list is also fun too. Don’t waste your life doing something you don’t enjoy thinking that it will some day bring you enjoyment. Live in the now, don’t worry about the past or the future, and do only what brings happiness to your life and to the lives of others. I’ve come to realize many things while stressing about how I will get into the program I want at the university I want to go to. I don’t even know what I’ll do when I get there. While volunteering at the hospital, as I do every week, I see young, ambitious volunteers like me who have plans for great careers in healthcare. I see staff who have lived half their lives, carrying on with their work and I also see the older patients. I can tell they are wise from the look of happiness of their faces when I speak with them. They know that life should be enjoyed because it doesn’t last forever. I have learned so much from them and my main goal is to be happy and make others see that too by bringing happiness into their lives. I’m working on a time capsule that I will open up after undergrad at university. That way, I will be able to see if I end up where I expected to end up and if I am happy wherever I may be. I had a productive August but now I’m moving onto September, a month of beginnings. I’m going to enjoy my life day-by-day and eventually, I’ll be back again with another list of more fun stuff (I’ll try to post in between though). Thanks for reading about my activities during the summer and until next summer, happy blogging everyone!

whyamiweird beautiful 2013-08-03 00.13.08 2013-08-03 19.35.43 2013-08-03 23.10.53 2013-08-07 22.19.38 2013-08-11 19.58.12 2013-08-11 20.31.04 2013-08-17 22.59.55 IMG_00000384 IMG_00000407 2013-08-23 06.32.31 2013-08-23 06.42.22 2013-08-24 18.33.32 2013-08-26 23.58.55 IMG_00000417 2013-08-29 01.13.27 2013-08-28 19.48.08 2013-08-31 12.48.08-1-1-1 268361436_640



15. Finish Entire Chapstick


2013-09-01 01.16.02

So on a much less interesting note than making a “Places to Go Visit” list, I finished my tube of chapstick that I had started using at the beginning of August. Honestly, it is so easy to lose a chapstick so this was definitely a challenge. I almost lost it a couple of times and had mini heart attacks but I always found it! My lips were super soft all month and I did what probably a very small hand-few of people on this earth have ever done before!

42. Make a “Places to Go Visit” List

Morskie Oko, Poland

Morskie Oko, Poland

When I have money, I want to travel the world. I’m not just saying that because everyone else says that, I am completely serious. I would love to travel, see the world, learn every language, and enjoy what God created. The only languages I know are English, Polish, and French (which I am still studying). Next I want to learn Spanish, as well as German and everything else out there. Other than my home of Ontario, I’ve been to Montreal and a few cities in the states, such as Chicago and New York. I’ve travelled to Poland three times, and I’ve toured most of Italy. I usually travel by myself even though I’m only 16 because I’m always lucky enough to win a trip somewhere or go with my choir or dance group. I haven’t been everywhere though so here is my “Places to Go Visit” list:

  1. Moraine Lake (Alberta)
  2. Dinosaur Provincial Park (Alberta)
  3. Jasper National Park (Alberta)
  4. Yoho National Park (British Colombia)
  5. Della Falls (British Colombia)
  6. Bay of Fundy (New Brunswick & Nova Scotia)
  7. Hot Springs in the Rockies (between Alberta and British Colombia)
  8. Prime Meridian (Greenwich)
  9. Stand on the Equator
  10. Grand Canyon
  11. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  12. Visit all 50 states (Road trip through the 48 connected states)
  13. South Island (New Zealand)
  14. Cape Town
  15. Sydney (Australia)
  16. Lake Hillier (Western Australia)
  17. Float in the Dead Sea
  18. Fiji
  19. Uluru
  20. Himalayas
  21. Chichen Itza
  22. Machu Picchu
  23. Petra
  24. Pyramids
  25. Yosemite National Park
  26. La Tour Eiffel et L’Arc de Triomphe (France)
  27. See the Northern Lights
  28. Paricutin Volcano (Mexico)
  29. Guanabara Bay (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  30. Mount Fuji (Japan)
  31. Amazon Rainforest (South America)
  32. Great Wall of China
  33. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (Iceland)
  34. Ngorogoro Crater (Tanzania)
  35. Norway
  36. Victoria Falls
  37. Thailand
  38. Mount Everest
  39. Aruba
  40. Jamaica
  41. Bermuda
  42. Bahamas (Beach Boys Reference)
  43. Słowiński Park Narodowy (Poland)
  44. Zakopane (Poland)
  45. Tatra National Park, Morskie Oko (Poland)
  46. Lauterbrunnen Valley (Switzerland)
  47. Ireland
  48. England
  49. Germany
  50. Netherlands
  51. Basically all of Europe
  52. Every Continent
  53. Space
  54. Everywhere.

I especially want to visit New Zealand and Australia. Mostly New Zealand.

(the links are to blogs that gave me ideas of places I’d like to see)268361436_640

Something I know is that you can’t wait until you’re an adult, you’ve retired, you’ve paid off your debts, or you’ve won the lottery to do something on your bucket list. For me, I want to travel, but at any moment, you could lose your chance to do what you wanted to do because life doesn’t last forever and it can be lost in the blink of an eye. Don’t wait, just go! Life is too short! I know I have school to attend and I can’t travel the world right now but that’s fine. I’ve travelled enough so far and when I can, I will fly to wherever it is that I want to go. My friend Olivia helped me put together this list of places to visit. I know I’ll probably never go to all of these destinations because some of them are just too dangerous to travel to, but if I ever have the chance, I’ll go. I know it’s incredibly unrealistic and expensive but with my innocent mind, I believe that everything is possible! I hope to at least visit a few of these places and I hope that this list helps someone else in their search of beautiful places to visit (but be careful, some of them are very dangerous). This list will keep growing forever and so I need to help keep it a reasonable length, one destination at a time.

35. Try Melted Crayon Art

I’ve seen this done many times before and I know it’s not an original type of art, but who wouldn’t want to try melting a bunch of crayons over stretched canvas? Well that didn’t sound as exciting as I thought it would but I get excited thinking about it.

To be completely original, I didn’t just want to melt a rainbow of crayons or put a couple with an umbrella underneath as is quite popular if you type in Melted Crayon Art in Google. This idea came to me spontaneously when I thought of something I don’t believe anyone has ever done before. I love Dexter and Dexter loves blood. Oh, Dexter! Meet melting red crayons!

I decided that I would lay out all the red crayons I own because I have a box of old crayons. I used colours like scarlet, red, and red violet. Since many of the crayons were old, used, and missing their wrappers, I decided to unwrap all of them and lay them out according to size. I was debating with myself on what I should do next. Which part of Dexter’s face should I cut out? Do I glue it? Tape it? Sticky tack it? Yes, I did start out with sticky-tack but I soon realized that was not going to work. I decided to glue the highlighted parts of his face and leave the crayons to ooze over the shadows of the portrait. I set up my station and set out to work. I used my blow-dryer and the crayons started to melt much faster than I had anticipated. Then the crayons started oozing under the paper. In the end, I was happy with the work because all I had to do was peel away the paper and paint over the face with white acrylic paint. I like the texture the crayons gave the face and it turned out much better than I thought it would. It’s pretty morbid to have a portrait of a serial-killer covered with blood staring at you in your room, but it doesn’t faze me. Honestly, I’d love to meet Dexter but this is close enough.

Here’s a link to my art work on DeviantArt:

The piece is called The Dark Passenger and it belongs to me, Magdalena Kapron.


2013-08-31 00.45.15 2013-08-31 00.45.47 2013-08-31 01.05.37 2013-08-31 01.10.46 2013-08-31 01.11.16 2013-08-31 01.40.44

The finished product

The Dark Passenger By Magdalena Kapron. 2013


18. Go to Sleep Before 12

I have not gone to sleep before 12 in over a year or two. It was a serious challenge for me to do this. It makes me feel like I’m wasting a lot of time to do stuff that I want to do. I now realize that having more sleep will help me focus in school and to feel healthier. I really want to change this school year and not go to sleep so late. I’m tired at school and can’t focus in class. I stay after school everyday or I’ll have something later in the day I need to go to. I’ll have naps right when I get home. I started drinking coffee in grade 10, especially on days where I knew I’d be up late. It was not uncommon for me to go to sleep around 4 am. I even went to sleep at 5 am a few times. I’d wake up after 7 am and go back to school at 8. Oh, and I was always late for class first period. Now, is that the way you want to live? I never even got to hangout with my friends. Christmas and March break were the best for me. I always planned a sleepover with my friends over the break because those were the only times I’d get to spend quality time with my friends during the entire year.

I have so much hope for this year! My courses are much harder and my grades must be super high if I want to get into health sciences. People always tell me that it’ll be tough, but they don’t know what goes on in my mind. Nor would they ever want to really. I am so determined to do well this year. My top priorities are school and sleep. Those two are so closely related and so I’m trying so hard to get in the habit of sleeping earlier. I did go to bed at 11:30 am a few nights ago and that’s good enough for me! I can’t say that I will achieve my “Wake up before 7 for a week” goal though because I now realize I have one day left of August, but I am waking up around that time anyways. I started exercising before the summer started and that’s made me feel so much better physically and mentally. I hope to drop a few extra curriculars so I can focus on sleeping earlier and I want to join cross country. I want to wake up early enough to jog in the morning and I have so many other wishes for this new year. Half this stuff might never happen but who knows? Maybe it’s finally time that Maggie will change her old habits and renew herself. I’m half-way through my highschool career. Why carelessly sleep through it when I can make the best of it?

P.S. To my number one fan, best friend, and fellow over-achiever, you can do it too! I know that you work so hard to balance school and your passion of art. I know my sleeping patterns have been transferring over to you, but it’s time we change that and get healthier so we can enjoy the things we love even more.

1. Jump into Pool Fully Clothed AND 33. Make a Memory Box

Yesterday, I had some fun with friends before we go back to school. It was the perfect chance to jump into a pool fully clothed, so I did. It was great to jump into the water with my clothes on. I felt free, but my clothes were too heavy so I swam in my bathing suit afterwards, of course.

I would like to thank Olivia for a great time yesterday and for taking these pictures. My friend Serena took a video but no one needs to see that…

2013-08-28 19.46.45 2013-08-28 19.47.18 2013-08-28 19.47.28 2013-08-28 19.47.53 2013-08-28 19.48.08 2013-08-28 19.48.19

I also finished painting my memory box that I had been working on when I got home. It’s painted teal, kind of, which is my favourite colour. Inside, I put alot of small things that bring me memories when I hold them. I went through a bunch of boxes in my room and gathered small objects and papers that were important to me or reminded me of anything. I feel satisfied with my memory box and will eventually expand it. Now, I can open it up whenever I want and go through it. It’s nice to have all these memories in one little box. I think it’d be a fun activity for anyone to try, even with young kids or maybe with a friend. Just grab a box or jar and place items inside of value to you. I wouldn’t put anything too valuable inside. It’s pretty simple, do what you want with it. Besides, it’s for you and you alone!

2013-08-29 01.12.47 2013-08-29 01.13.27

2013-08-29 01.14.56

My friend Julia and our childhood. PAPERCLIPS (safety pins were evil)

2013-08-29 01.15.40

Spring Formal 2013

2013-08-29 01.16.17

I can’t believe I wore these in my hair

2013-08-29 01.17.51

Superfast at school, Show Choir Nationals, and Superhero themed Bible Camp

2013-08-29 01.18.58

I unintentionally collect broken alto saxophone reeds

24. Finish a Scrapbook AND 28. Get my Hair Lighter Naturally

I started this scrapbook in 2009, after my tour of Italy with my choir. I was too lazy to finish it but I can say that I am done. Sort of. I could add some new touches and give it a better book to hold all the pages because that one is broken, but for now, I deem it to be complete. Behold, my first scrapbook!

2013-08-28 17.14.40 2013-08-28 17.15.18 2013-08-28 17.15.46 2013-08-28 17.16.10 2013-08-28 17.16.59 2013-08-28 17.17.22 2013-08-28 17.18.19

I also attempted to lighten my hair without any harmful substances. Many times have I used a concoction of honey, olive oil, cinnamon, tea, lemon juice, and other ingredients to put in my hair overnight and wash out to lighten my hair. I searched up tutorials on the internet and added ingredients together. I read that the tiny natural pockets of peroxide in honey would gradually lighten my hair without damaging it. Of course I tried it and, in my eyes, I saw a small difference that no one else could see. I also, when in the sun twice and soaked my hair in lemon juice. That is more damaging to hair because of its acidic properties but I added some olive oil to tone it down. I do think it has brought out a bit of my natural highlights, but I doubt I’ll be stopped in the hallways this school year with compliments.

2013-08-23 13.48.52 2013-08-23 13.48.33

2, 13, AND 25.

I thought these three would go well together:

2. Stay up all night to watch sunrise

13. Jog at sunrise

25. Disney movie marathon

2013-08-26 23.58.55

Okay, no sleep is definitely not healthy and jogging without sleep is probably not the best thing either, but I cannot say I regret doing it. Staying up is really easy for me since I do it every day during the school year which I know must stop. I decided that I would pull this all-nighter once and get into a healthier sleeping pattern before school starts. Thursday night, I didn’t go to sleep and I stayed up watching Disney movies. My brothers stayed up with me but only one made it ’till morning. We own a collection of movies on VHS, some of which I don’t remember seeing. We started with Pinnochio. It was nostalgic to watch but for the most part, it was as if I was watching it for the first time. I loved the moral to it and when I have kids some day, I will definitely expose them to the magic of Disney. After that, we watched Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. That was a good movie too, but I saved one of my two favourite movies for last, Peter Pan. My other favourite movie is another Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty, but I was in the mood to watch Peter Pan that night. I love Peter Pan and I think a reason behind that is because I always wanted to fly when I was very young. I had to watch at least three movies because that is what I consider to be the minimum to a movie marathon. I even checked on the internet and Wikipedia confirmed that a movie marathon must be at least 3 movies. I trust that to be true.

At 6 o’ clock a.m., I got ready for a jog because the sun was supposed to rise at 6:33 a.m. I jogged for a bit and sat in the park afterwards, waiting on a park bench for the sun to shine through the trees across the soccer field of my park. It was magical. I hope that this year, my sleeping patterns will be better and I can wake up every morning and go for a walk. The air is cold and damp and the only people you’ll see are a few adults going to work. No kids. I know it will sound funny but it makes me feel so mature.

2013-08-23 06.31.54 2013-08-23 06.32.31 2013-08-23 06.42.22 2013-08-23 07.36.26 2013-08-23 07.17.14 2013-08-23 07.17.34

I was so energized for some reason that I woke my brothers up to play some soccer and I didn’t go to sleep at all. I continued on with my day by volunteering at the hospital and afterwards, attending the peach festival with my family. The peach festival is held every year in Winona, marking the end of summer as well as celebrating the richness of the land along the Niagara fruit belt, blessing us with the best peaches to make the best peach sundaes. That night, I even stayed up to watch Thor with my friends. I got home in disbelief that I had been awake for more than 24 hours and I finally crashed before the clock hit 2 a.m. And that was my adventure!

Never shall I do that again.

At Peach Fest

IMG_00000418 IMG_00000417

5. Star Wars Marathon


Today, two of my brothers and I woke up earlier than usual, around 8 o’clock, and we watched the Star Wars saga. We just finished the sixth episode and I’m extremely happy with the movies. I wanted to watch them as a marathon because I have never done a movie marathon before and I barely remember the movies from when I was younger. Watching the movies was very nostalgic and I can now say that I understand the story clearly.

The order we watched them in was Episode IV, V, I, II, III, and finally VI. I was happy with this order and I would suggest it to anyone wanting to watch a Star Wars marathon like I did. I’ve heard so many times that Episode I – The Phantom Menace, is horrible but I disagree. I actually liked it… That’s my opinion I guess. With episode I, II, and III, I knew what would become of Anakin from my memory of watching the third episode when I was little. That’s why I was frustrated as I watched through those three episodes, especially the third, but when I finished episode III, I actually thought it was good. And bad. So much happened in that one episode and I wasn’t sure if I was happy, sad, or angry, but I knew that I liked how I could feel so many emotions from one episode. When we finished the marathon with episode VI, I felt happy that the story concluded that way. I just don’t know how anyone can continue the saga with another trilogy, although I can’t say I’m not excited for the next movies by Disney!

4. Bonfire with Friends AND 10. Go Stargazing

Entering the Canadian Shield

Entering the Canadian Shield

This weekend, I went to my friend Samatha’s cottage for her birthday as well as my dad’s birthday. There were so many of us there and it was an amazing weekend! We did loads of stuff, like playing volleyball, swimming, and tubing. We also went on ATVs, although I’m not to be trusted driving anything, so I was happy to be a passenger as Sam’s older sister, my buddy Cassandra, controlled the ATV.

It was a weekend full of firsts for me. I have never swam in a lake before, other than Lake Ontario, mostly because I can’t swim. I can doggy paddle but that’s about it. They did provide life jackets and a tiny wetsuit though so I was set. We went tubing and that was a thrill I had never experienced in my entire life. The first time, I had a blast with my brother and the second time, I went with my friend Rhya but my neck was snapping in every direction. My neck is still sore but it’s healing. I also have ugly rashes under my calves and elbows from holding on so tightly. However, I never tumbled off the tube even though I kind of wished I had. That was a lot of fun that I had never expected to have this summer.

In the evening, Samantha, Cassandra, Rhya, our friend Cosmina, Josh, Dan, my brothers, and I all gathered around a bonfire in the evening under the stars. That counted as my bonfire with friends as well as stargazing. We roasted marshmallows and pieces of sausage because Polaks need their kielbasa. We tried to tell riddles and scary stories but that didn’t really work out. Before the climax of my story, I dropped my head in thought and forgot the rest. It was funnier than it was scary but it doesn’t matter. The night was fine as it was. We also finally managed to find the big dipper. I know it’s easy but it took us a while with a tree in the way. Also, I can now say that I’ve been to the Canadian Shield, which is beautiful by the way!

IMG_00000384 2013-08-17 21.59.19 2013-08-17 21.56.57 IMG_000004062013-08-17 22.59.55  2013-08-17 21.15.38 IMG_00000407