Now this was on my bucket list but I cheated and did it before August began. My friends and I began planning to go to the Imagine Dragons concert at Echo Beach in Toronto for a few months now. On Monday, July 29th, my friends Olivia, Julia Squared, and I headed for Echo Beach, and even though we had some last minute problems, we got there! It was my first concert, general admission as well as outdoors, and although one of our friends couldn’t be with us, I had a great time! I was never a die-hard fan of Imagine Dragons, but now I might be becoming one… They were really good live and I can honestly say, that night is one of the best nights of my life! I have no words to describe how happy I was to be in a crowd of people all there to enjoy some good music. I cannot wait for my next concert!

…by the way, these pictures are not the most flattering, but I’m the wierdo on the right, and my beautiful friend, Olivia, is on the left! She also supplied the last picture with all the hands in the air. I felt the need to give her credit for it 🙂

pleaseno whyamiweird 2013-07-29 22.54.35 2013-07-29 22.54.42 2013-07-29 22.41.07 2013-07-29 23.03.12beautiful


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