11. Write a Poem

What a great place to start on my list; 11 is my favourite number!

So this is something I’ve tried before, but I can’t say that I’ve succeeded at it. In the two weeks I sat through half a grade 11 English course in the beginning of July, I learned a lot about analyzing poetry. I also have friends who have helped me write some poems. My friend Olivia (not the one that came to the Imagine Dragons concert with me), is very artistic and she and I work together often. If you have an account on DeviantArt, please check out her profile and look through her gallery. She has so much talent and she has even written a couple of poems. Find her here. I am also a deviant and you can look through my gallery here (it’s not that impressive though). Olivia first introduced me to poetry and I have attempted putting my feelings on paper, but it didn’t work out for me. My friend Kate, who volunteers with me at the hospital, went to writing camp this summer. She came back with so much knowledge on poetry and she told me about the tanka. It is a 5 verse poem with the syllables in each line producing a scheme of 5-7-5-7-7. I tried it out and found it to be a lot of fun! It isn’t exactly a long poem but it definitely counts.

Not so Green

Flowing waves of green

Set beneath clouds of menace.

Distant soundless speech

Travels effortlessly there,

Where nature has been disturbed.

-Magdalena Kapron

I wrote it in the car while waiting at a gas station. I was surrounded by fields and distant power lines and that’s where I found my inspiration. I got home and searched up some tips on writing tankas and after reading the guide below, I tried my hand at it again and based this next poem on a past and very personal experience.


A Dark Hour

outside, children play

drifting sounds of faint laughter

open my blind eyes

mobility has left me,

but souls come to terrorize

-Magdalena Kapron

I want to challenge myself even more so if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on my poems or any ideas for poems to try, please don’t hesitate to comment!


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