And so it has yet to begin…

It’s the second day of the month and I have not done anything on my bucket list, yet. I have an excuse for today, sort of, because I was volunteering at the hospital as I do every Friday. As I looked at my list, I couldn’t really choose what to do because I planned on doing most of it with my friends. Also, I’m progressively working on the list everyday. For example, I play Tetris Friends on Facebook every chance I get. It’s simple. I have an addiction. When you’ve played Tetris for more than 2000 rounds, there is no possible reason to deny that you are addicted. The highest I have gotten to is rank 53. I am pretty damn proud of myself, even though rank 53 is nothing compared to a God of Tetris (the highest rank in the game). Even so, I am a King of Tetris and that’s closer to rank 60 than I have ever been.


It says I’m rank 52, but this was snapped before I hit rank 53, I swear.



I’ve have also been working on my list by watching Dexter everyday until I fall asleep. I just finished season 4 and started season 5 so if you plan on watching Dexter and haven’t gotten that far, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH! When I began watching the show, I wasn’t sold because of the whole part where Dexter kills people because I don’t believe in killing people… After finishing season 1 though, I couldn’t stop watching and got to season 5 in a month (it would have been faster but I was busy okay?). The season 4 finale made me close to tears when Rita died. I felt as if everything was finally working out in Dexter’s life and he was getting along with Rita. They could ride of together in the sunset, innocent little Rita and serial killer Dexter, but no. Stupid Trinity had to get in the way and kill her, leaving their family broken up, baby Harrison in a pool of his mother’s blood, and Dexter Ritaless. Watching that episode made me so sad and frustrated, but I thought it was a good way to move along the plot. It was so unsuspecting and got me so emotional. I had to continue watching the show because I wouldn’t just leave Dexter in his time of need, he needs me and I need him! Okay, maybe he doesn’t need me but I really enjoy the show and getting to season 8 won’t be a problem this summer.

2013-08-03 00.13.08

I’ve been working on the list in other ways too, like finish entire chapstick. You can all relate to me when I stress how easy it is to lose that small tube of lip balm. It’s even more frustrating to lose an expensive tube like Baby Lips. I wouldn’t know though because I’ve never spent more than 3$ on chapstick. However, I do know how frustrating it is to get my chapsticks dirty. I try so hard to keep them clean but it is inevitable. I had to cut a chunk off with a knife once because I had put the cap on wrong. How can one small item be so frustrating? But my goal is to finish an entire tube without losing it. My mom even bought me a good Nivea chapstick and I’ll be using it to avoid my usual chapped lips. I know, I know. It’s a challenge, but in my heart, I truly believe I can prove Boromir wrong and do it.



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