Challenging Myself

I have been using WordPress for only about a week and I already have plans forming for future blogs. With An Unforgettable August, my plan was to document my summer adventures which would otherwise be uninteresting. I still have so much to do of course and I will not give up on this blog! Although as I read other blogs, I’ve realized that there is so much more to blogging than a one month journey of completing a limited list. So after debating with myself about an idea I’ve toyed with in the past but have never had the time or motivation to try out, I wish to attempt a 365 day project.

I’m into visual arts but I’m a perfectionist who spends hours at a time on one piece of work. Often, it will take me days to finish a painting. And photography! I love it, but I don’t have a great camera or any editing programs. My friend Olivia M got a canon rebel and I’m obsessed with the ease it takes to capture a photo with it, but no money means no photography. On top of that, I have no time during the school year and I seldom have any motivation. That is why I have never started a 365 day project. On the other hand, there is poetry. Poetry is something I’ve wanted to be good at writing for a while and after writing a few tankas, I think I’m hooked. I understand that those are short and fairly simple to write, but I will try writing longer poems: free-form, sonnets, etc,. I will challenge myself and hope to improve by creating another blog dedicated to this 365 day project, writing poems every day for a year (probably mostly tankas though). This will be a really, really difficult challenge for me as I have never been committed to anything for more than a month. You see, I go through many phases. Except school work, school always comes first.

On another note, I was so scared when I visited this blog 15 minutes ago. It said I had 293 followers, which I know not to be true because only 2 hours before, I had my usual 51 followers. Fine, I never had that many followers, I had 4, one of which is me. So if anyone knows what is going on with that, could you please explain why my blog says there are so many followers? That many people haven’t even viewed my blog! Let me know. Also, let me know what you think of my 365 day project and if you’ve done something similar, you can share a link to your own! It’ll be a good way for me to learn 🙂


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