30. Finish an Entire Puzzle

2013-08-07 22.19.38

Caroline and I destroying the puzzle afterwards šŸ™‚

I haven’t posted anything this week because I was helping out at a day camp for kids. I had a lot more fun than I thought I would there but now I’m back to my routine of working out every morning and working on this list, slowly. However, I did finish a puzzle at my friend’s house after camp one day. I don’t have any puzzles at home but I love doing them. I’ve never finished a bigger puzzle so I put it on my list. On Wednesday, Caroline and I started a 500 piece puzzle she got from Florida with palm trees, dolphins, and colourful fish underwater. We couldn’t finish it that evening so we had to finish it off the next evening. Unfortunately, three pieces were missing but I would say it counts as a finished puzzle anyways since we put so much effort into it and since I have no access to any other puzzles. So here are some pictures of the puzzle before, during, and after!

1375832532669 1375839329986 2013-08-07 22.15.56


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