3. Watch All Episodes of Dexter


After many days and nights of just watching Dexter non-stop, I am unhappy to say I have watched all the available episodes of Dexter. I watched last Sunday’s episode 7, I believe Tuesday night, and I am not happy because I can’t watch the next one until this Sunday and this is the final season before the show concludes, I’m pretty sure. Dexter is my favourite show, beating How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, and of course Pretty Little Liars. I actually don’t even know why I still watch that show anymore. Pretty Little Liars is just one hour full of four girls dressed up in clothes I will never wear out like they do and long pauses where they stare at each other to add dramatic effect. Well I can’t say the show is that bad because I’m exaggerating, but there are definitely shows that are much better, like Dexter. All I can think about is Dexter and how much I’d love for the show to continue but that’s okay I guess. I’ll just watch the rest of the season with excitement building up every week as I wait for the next episode, instead of how, for the past few months, I could watch episode after episode with the click of a button. All in all, I really enjoyed the show and I love the actors in it, especially Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter.


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