19. Ding Dong Ditch AND 39. Learn the Alphabet Backwards

Tomorrow, I will be going to my friends cottage for her birthday, which in fact is also my dad’s birthday, so Happy Birthday to them both! I’ll only be gone Saturday and Sunday. Also, last Wednesday, I biked to confederation park again but with another group of friends who invited me to come. The difference between the first time I biked there on Sunday and when I biked there on Wednesday is that this time, I was in a larger group of people (6 girls), we all had helmets on, and we were prepared to bike far. It was a lot of fun, which I can’t really say for the crossing the overpass part again. This time, I got off my bike and walked it across as my friends sped across. It was terrible. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as when we got to the end of Hamilton’s trail. We rode to the end of the dock and all my friends got off their bikes and hopped onto the ledge next to the water, ready to take a picture. I started feeling scared again as I don’t like water anymore than I like heights. I happily took pictures for them and squeezed myself into a few with them far behind me. It did get a little better I would have to say. I got over one of the edges that had a bigger ledge on the other side, but still, I couldn’t get any closer to the water. I think this planet just scares me in general. I am so fascinated at the earth and how enormous it is in comparison to my tiny body just roaming around on it. Standing next to the deeper waters of Lake Ontario was just proving to me how Earth is one giant ball of dirt, water, and air. If I fell into the water, Earth would be too busy with all it’s environmental cycles and orbits in space to even care to save a tiny spec like me. Did I mention I can’t swim? Doggy paddle, yes, but not much else. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the bike ride a lot and the day was wonderful. I didn’t overcome my greatest fears, but I can say I faced them (then slowly backed away).

On the way back from our bike ride, we passed through a street where no one would really recognize us. It was the perfect time to do Ding Dong Ditch, which is on my list. My friends thought it would be a great idea for me to do it to a friend we knew who lives in that area, so if you’re reading this my friend, I love you and I’m sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me. So after walking up to the door as quietly as possible with my friend, Caroline. and then Elli who decided to join us, I rang what I thought was the door bell and ran away. Actually, I limped away because I think I have shin splints and I almost peed my pants because everyone who knows me knows that I have weak bladder muscles. Anyways, the door opened and I know that the man standing there saw a group of girls rapidly biking away but thankfully, I don’t think he recognized us…

Also, I completed another item on my list. I have been practicing the alphabet backwards for a while now and I can say it backwards no problem. I can’t post a video though because I tried filming myself and I looked like an idiot. If anyone really wants me to post a video of me saying the alphabet backwards then please comment below. I don’t find it to be something so important that I need to film it and prove myself and I don’t like filming myself so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Another two things are complete! I also worked on a scrapbook I started years ago after my choir toured Italy in the summer of 2009. I never finished it but I finally got myself to glue in the rest of the pictures and put some stickers in. It’s not entirely finished though yet, but when it is, I will post a picture or two! 🙂


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