4. Bonfire with Friends AND 10. Go Stargazing

Entering the Canadian Shield

Entering the Canadian Shield

This weekend, I went to my friend Samatha’s cottage for her birthday as well as my dad’s birthday. There were so many of us there and it was an amazing weekend! We did loads of stuff, like playing volleyball, swimming, and tubing. We also went on ATVs, although I’m not to be trusted driving anything, so I was happy to be a passenger as Sam’s older sister, my buddy Cassandra, controlled the ATV.

It was a weekend full of firsts for me. I have never swam in a lake before, other than Lake Ontario, mostly because I can’t swim. I can doggy paddle but that’s about it. They did provide life jackets and a tiny wetsuit though so I was set. We went tubing and that was a thrill I had never experienced in my entire life. The first time, I had a blast with my brother and the second time, I went with my friend Rhya but my neck was snapping in every direction. My neck is still sore but it’s healing. I also have ugly rashes under my calves and elbows from holding on so tightly. However, I never tumbled off the tube even though I kind of wished I had. That was a lot of fun that I had never expected to have this summer.

In the evening, Samantha, Cassandra, Rhya, our friend Cosmina, Josh, Dan, my brothers, and I all gathered around a bonfire in the evening under the stars. That counted as my bonfire with friends as well as stargazing. We roasted marshmallows and pieces of sausage because Polaks need their kielbasa. We tried to tell riddles and scary stories but that didn’t really work out. Before the climax of my story, I dropped my head in thought and forgot the rest. It was funnier than it was scary but it doesn’t matter. The night was fine as it was. We also finally managed to find the big dipper. I know it’s easy but it took us a while with a tree in the way. Also, I can now say that I’ve been to the Canadian Shield, which is beautiful by the way!

IMG_00000384 2013-08-17 21.59.19 2013-08-17 21.56.57 IMG_000004062013-08-17 22.59.55  2013-08-17 21.15.38 IMG_00000407


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