2, 13, AND 25.

I thought these three would go well together:

2. Stay up all night to watch sunrise

13. Jog at sunrise

25. Disney movie marathon

2013-08-26 23.58.55

Okay, no sleep is definitely not healthy and jogging without sleep is probably not the best thing either, but I cannot say I regret doing it. Staying up is really easy for me since I do it every day during the school year which I know must stop. I decided that I would pull this all-nighter once and get into a healthier sleeping pattern before school starts. Thursday night, I didn’t go to sleep and I stayed up watching Disney movies. My brothers stayed up with me but only one made it ’till morning. We own a collection of movies on VHS, some of which I don’t remember seeing. We started with Pinnochio. It was nostalgic to watch but for the most part, it was as if I was watching it for the first time. I loved the moral to it and when I have kids some day, I will definitely expose them to the magic of Disney. After that, we watched Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. That was a good movie too, but I saved one of my two favourite movies for last, Peter Pan. My other favourite movie is another Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty, but I was in the mood to watch Peter Pan that night. I love Peter Pan and I think a reason behind that is because I always wanted to fly when I was very young. I had to watch at least three movies because that is what I consider to be the minimum to a movie marathon. I even checked on the internet and Wikipedia confirmed that a movie marathon must be at least 3 movies. I trust that to be true.

At 6 o’ clock a.m., I got ready for a jog because the sun was supposed to rise at 6:33 a.m. I jogged for a bit and sat in the park afterwards, waiting on a park bench for the sun to shine through the trees across the soccer field of my park. It was magical. I hope that this year, my sleeping patterns will be better and I can wake up every morning and go for a walk. The air is cold and damp and the only people you’ll see are a few adults going to work. No kids. I know it will sound funny but it makes me feel so mature.

2013-08-23 06.31.54 2013-08-23 06.32.31 2013-08-23 06.42.22 2013-08-23 07.36.26 2013-08-23 07.17.14 2013-08-23 07.17.34

I was so energized for some reason that I woke my brothers up to play some soccer and I didn’t go to sleep at all. I continued on with my day by volunteering at the hospital and afterwards, attending the peach festival with my family. The peach festival is held every year in Winona, marking the end of summer as well as celebrating the richness of the land along the Niagara fruit belt, blessing us with the best peaches to make the best peach sundaes. That night, I even stayed up to watch Thor with my friends. I got home in disbelief that I had been awake for more than 24 hours and I finally crashed before the clock hit 2 a.m. And that was my adventure!

Never shall I do that again.

At Peach Fest

IMG_00000418 IMG_00000417


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