24. Finish a Scrapbook AND 28. Get my Hair Lighter Naturally

I started this scrapbook in 2009, after my tour of Italy with my choir. I was too lazy to finish it but I can say that I am done. Sort of. I could add some new touches and give it a better book to hold all the pages because that one is broken, but for now, I deem it to be complete. Behold, my first scrapbook!

2013-08-28 17.14.40 2013-08-28 17.15.18 2013-08-28 17.15.46 2013-08-28 17.16.10 2013-08-28 17.16.59 2013-08-28 17.17.22 2013-08-28 17.18.19

I also attempted to lighten my hair without any harmful substances. Many times have I used a concoction of honey, olive oil, cinnamon, tea, lemon juice, and other ingredients to put in my hair overnight and wash out to lighten my hair. I searched up tutorials on the internet and added ingredients together. I read that the tiny natural pockets of peroxide in honey would gradually lighten my hair without damaging it. Of course I tried it and, in my eyes, I saw a small difference that no one else could see. I also, when in the sun twice and soaked my hair in lemon juice. That is more damaging to hair because of its acidic properties but I added some olive oil to tone it down. I do think it has brought out a bit of my natural highlights, but I doubt I’ll be stopped in the hallways this school year with compliments.

2013-08-23 13.48.52 2013-08-23 13.48.33


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