1. Jump into Pool Fully Clothed AND 33. Make a Memory Box

Yesterday, I had some fun with friends before we go back to school. It was the perfect chance to jump into a pool fully clothed, so I did. It was great to jump into the water with my clothes on. I felt free, but my clothes were too heavy so I swam in my bathing suit afterwards, of course.

I would like to thank Olivia for a great time yesterday and for taking these pictures. My friend Serena took a video but no one needs to see that…

2013-08-28 19.46.45 2013-08-28 19.47.18 2013-08-28 19.47.28 2013-08-28 19.47.53 2013-08-28 19.48.08 2013-08-28 19.48.19

I also finished painting my memory box that I had been working on when I got home. It’s painted teal, kind of, which is my favourite colour. Inside, I put alot of small things that bring me memories when I hold them. I went through a bunch of boxes in my room and gathered small objects and papers that were important to me or reminded me of anything. I feel satisfied with my memory box and will eventually expand it. Now, I can open it up whenever I want and go through it. It’s nice to have all these memories in one little box. I think it’d be a fun activity for anyone to try, even with young kids or maybe with a friend. Just grab a box or jar and place items inside of value to you. I wouldn’t put anything too valuable inside. It’s pretty simple, do what you want with it. Besides, it’s for you and you alone!

2013-08-29 01.12.47 2013-08-29 01.13.27

2013-08-29 01.14.56

My friend Julia and our childhood. PAPERCLIPS (safety pins were evil)

2013-08-29 01.15.40

Spring Formal 2013

2013-08-29 01.16.17

I can’t believe I wore these in my hair

2013-08-29 01.17.51

Superfast at school, Show Choir Nationals, and Superhero themed Bible Camp

2013-08-29 01.18.58

I unintentionally collect broken alto saxophone reeds


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