42. Make a “Places to Go Visit” List

Morskie Oko, Poland

Morskie Oko, Poland

When I have money, I want to travel the world. I’m not just saying that because everyone else says that, I am completely serious. I would love to travel, see the world, learn every language, and enjoy what God created. The only languages I know are English, Polish, and French (which I am still studying). Next I want to learn Spanish, as well as German and everything else out there. Other than my home of Ontario, I’ve been to Montreal and a few cities in the states, such as Chicago and New York. I’ve travelled to Poland three times, and I’ve toured most of Italy. I usually travel by myself even though I’m only 16 because I’m always lucky enough to win a trip somewhere or go with my choir or dance group. I haven’t been everywhere though so here is my “Places to Go Visit” list:

  1. Moraine Lake (Alberta)
  2. Dinosaur Provincial Park (Alberta)
  3. Jasper National Park (Alberta)
  4. Yoho National Park (British Colombia)
  5. Della Falls (British Colombia)
  6. Bay of Fundy (New Brunswick & Nova Scotia)
  7. Hot Springs in the Rockies (between Alberta and British Colombia)
  8. Prime Meridian (Greenwich)
  9. Stand on the Equator
  10. Grand Canyon
  11. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  12. Visit all 50 states (Road trip through the 48 connected states)
  13. South Island (New Zealand)
  14. Cape Town
  15. Sydney (Australia)
  16. Lake Hillier (Western Australia)
  17. Float in the Dead Sea
  18. Fiji
  19. Uluru
  20. Himalayas
  21. Chichen Itza
  22. Machu Picchu
  23. Petra
  24. Pyramids
  25. Yosemite National Park
  26. La Tour Eiffel et L’Arc de Triomphe (France)
  27. See the Northern Lights
  28. Paricutin Volcano (Mexico)
  29. Guanabara Bay (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  30. Mount Fuji (Japan)
  31. Amazon Rainforest (South America)
  32. Great Wall of China
  33. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (Iceland)
  34. Ngorogoro Crater (Tanzania)
  35. Norway
  36. Victoria Falls
  37. Thailand
  38. Mount Everest
  39. Aruba
  40. Jamaica
  41. Bermuda
  42. Bahamas (Beach Boys Reference)
  43. Słowiński Park Narodowy (Poland)
  44. Zakopane (Poland)
  45. Tatra National Park, Morskie Oko (Poland)
  46. Lauterbrunnen Valley (Switzerland)
  47. Ireland
  48. England
  49. Germany
  50. Netherlands
  51. Basically all of Europe
  52. Every Continent
  53. Space
  54. Everywhere.

I especially want to visit New Zealand and Australia. Mostly New Zealand.

(the links are to blogs that gave me ideas of places I’d like to see)268361436_640

Something I know is that you can’t wait until you’re an adult, you’ve retired, you’ve paid off your debts, or you’ve won the lottery to do something on your bucket list. For me, I want to travel, but at any moment, you could lose your chance to do what you wanted to do because life doesn’t last forever and it can be lost in the blink of an eye. Don’t wait, just go! Life is too short! I know I have school to attend and I can’t travel the world right now but that’s fine. I’ve travelled enough so far and when I can, I will fly to wherever it is that I want to go. My friend Olivia helped me put together this list of places to visit. I know I’ll probably never go to all of these destinations because some of them are just too dangerous to travel to, but if I ever have the chance, I’ll go. I know it’s incredibly unrealistic and expensive but with my innocent mind, I believe that everything is possible! I hope to at least visit a few of these places and I hope that this list helps someone else in their search of beautiful places to visit (but be careful, some of them are very dangerous). This list will keep growing forever and so I need to help keep it a reasonable length, one destination at a time.


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