Review of August

Hello there again!

I haven’t posted anything for a week. I was supposed to earlier but school picked up very quickly. It deeply saddens me to say that August is over and my adventures of that warm and unforgettable month are in the past now. I made a list of 44 activities I had never done before to keep me busy during August and although I didn’t do anything crazy, like skydiving or travelling somewhere, I did do some things. 21 out of 44 things to be exact – that’s ALMOST half. So my list turned out to be a bit too long for me but I don’t mind. It was the most productive summer I’ve ever had and it helped me change my behaviour. I don’t procrastinate as much, I have more self-control when it comes to saying no to late nights and coca-cola, and this has all led me to start better habits to let me focus in classes and help in school. Knowing myself, I feel like I accomplished so much this summer and surprisingly, such an accomplishment helped me improve my unhealthy patterns like never before. I will definitely work on this list some more as I had started some of the items but never had the chance to finish them being so busy this past summer. I will keep posting, probably infrequently, about any updates on my list. Next summer, I will post a new list with less items so that I can finish all of it properly. Here’s what I did in August:

  1. Jump into pool fully clothed
  2. Stay up all night to watch sunrise – One of my favourite experiences of the summer
  3. Watch all episodes of Dexter
  4. Bonfire with friends
  5. Star Wars marathon
  6. Give flowers to strangers
  7. Bake with friends
  8. Build a fort with sheets
  9. Where’s Waldo??? (To Be Explained) – Okay, so my friend and I were supposed to do this photography project, but we hit a bump in the road when we couldn’t get permission to take photos at the mall. We have some new plans but they will be carried out in due time.
  10. Go stargazing
  11. Write a poem – I have plans for a new poetry blog so when I find the right time, I’ll start it.
  12. Hit someone with a pie
  13. Jog at sunrise
  14. Paint a mural
  15. Finish entire chap stick – This took me 31 days believe it or not.
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Learn and use 10 new words – I have the words, I just haven’t used them.
  18. Go to sleep before 12
  19. Ding Dong Ditch
  20. Make a time capsule – A work in progress
  21. Conduct a survey in public
  22. Expand my coin collection
  23. Tie-Dye shirts
  24. Finish a scrapbook
  25. Disney Movie marathon
  26. Wake up at 7 for a week (Failed Miserably)
  27. Get to Tetris Friends Rank 60 – I got to rank 53 and went down from there.
  28. Get my hair lighter naturally
  29. Bake mugs
  30. Finish an entire puzzle
  31. Bike to confederation park
  32. Learn to juggle – I can’t find anything to juggle at home. So sad.
  33. Make a memory box
  34. Get my G1
  35. Try melted crayon art – Turned out AMAZING. At least I think it did.
  36. Get my nails done
  37. Catch fireflies in a jar – Completely missed the time when these bugs were easy to spot outside.
  38. Go to the Science Centre
  39. Learn the alphabet backwards
  40. Take the city bus by myself
  41. Make a birdhouse
  42. Make a “Places to go Visit” list
  43. Go on everything at Wild Water Works
  44. Balloon Photo Shoot


This experience rewarded me in ways I never imagined. If you have the chance, try it! Make a goal like I did. It helped me improve in other areas. Creating a bucket list is also fun too. Don’t waste your life doing something you don’t enjoy thinking that it will some day bring you enjoyment. Live in the now, don’t worry about the past or the future, and do only what brings happiness to your life and to the lives of others. I’ve come to realize many things while stressing about how I will get into the program I want at the university I want to go to. I don’t even know what I’ll do when I get there. While volunteering at the hospital, as I do every week, I see young, ambitious volunteers like me who have plans for great careers in healthcare. I see staff who have lived half their lives, carrying on with their work and I also see the older patients. I can tell they are wise from the look of happiness of their faces when I speak with them. They know that life should be enjoyed because it doesn’t last forever. I have learned so much from them and my main goal is to be happy and make others see that too by bringing happiness into their lives. I’m working on a time capsule that I will open up after undergrad at university. That way, I will be able to see if I end up where I expected to end up and if I am happy wherever I may be. I had a productive August but now I’m moving onto September, a month of beginnings. I’m going to enjoy my life day-by-day and eventually, I’ll be back again with another list of more fun stuff (I’ll try to post in between though). Thanks for reading about my activities during the summer and until next summer, happy blogging everyone!

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