19. Ding Dong Ditch AND 39. Learn the Alphabet Backwards

Tomorrow, I will be going to my friends cottage for her birthday, which in fact is also my dad’s birthday, so Happy Birthday to them both! I’ll only be gone Saturday and Sunday. Also, last Wednesday, I biked to confederation park again but with another group of friends who invited me to come. The difference between the first time I biked there on Sunday and when I biked there on Wednesday is that this time, I was in a larger group of people (6 girls), we all had helmets on, and we were prepared to bike far. It was a lot of fun, which I can’t really say for the crossing the overpass part again. This time, I got off my bike and walked it across as my friends sped across. It was terrible. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as when we got to the end of Hamilton’s trail. We rode to the end of the dock and all my friends got off their bikes and hopped onto the ledge next to the water, ready to take a picture. I started feeling scared again as I don’t like water anymore than I like heights. I happily took pictures for them and squeezed myself into a few with them far behind me. It did get a little better I would have to say. I got over one of the edges that had a bigger ledge on the other side, but still, I couldn’t get any closer to the water. I think this planet just scares me in general. I am so fascinated at the earth and how enormous it is in comparison to my tiny body just roaming around on it. Standing next to the deeper waters of Lake Ontario was just proving to me how Earth is one giant ball of dirt, water, and air. If I fell into the water, Earth would be too busy with all it’s environmental cycles and orbits in space to even care to save a tiny spec like me. Did I mention I can’t swim? Doggy paddle, yes, but not much else. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the bike ride a lot and the day was wonderful. I didn’t overcome my greatest fears, but I can say I faced them (then slowly backed away).

On the way back from our bike ride, we passed through a street where no one would really recognize us. It was the perfect time to do Ding Dong Ditch, which is on my list. My friends thought it would be a great idea for me to do it to a friend we knew who lives in that area, so if you’re reading this my friend, I love you and I’m sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me. So after walking up to the door as quietly as possible with my friend, Caroline. and then Elli who decided to join us, I rang what I thought was the door bell and ran away. Actually, I limped away because I think I have shin splints and I almost peed my pants because everyone who knows me knows that I have weak bladder muscles. Anyways, the door opened and I know that the man standing there saw a group of girls rapidly biking away but thankfully, I don’t think he recognized us…

Also, I completed another item on my list. I have been practicing the alphabet backwards for a while now and I can say it backwards no problem. I can’t post a video though because I tried filming myself and I looked like an idiot. If anyone really wants me to post a video of me saying the alphabet backwards then please comment below. I don’t find it to be something so important that I need to film it and prove myself and I don’t like filming myself so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Another two things are complete! I also worked on a scrapbook I started years ago after my choir toured Italy in the summer of 2009. I never finished it but I finally got myself to glue in the rest of the pictures and put some stickers in. It’s not entirely finished though yet, but when it is, I will post a picture or two! 🙂


3. Watch All Episodes of Dexter


After many days and nights of just watching Dexter non-stop, I am unhappy to say I have watched all the available episodes of Dexter. I watched last Sunday’s episode 7, I believe Tuesday night, and I am not happy because I can’t watch the next one until this Sunday and this is the final season before the show concludes, I’m pretty sure. Dexter is my favourite show, beating How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, and of course Pretty Little Liars. I actually don’t even know why I still watch that show anymore. Pretty Little Liars is just one hour full of four girls dressed up in clothes I will never wear out like they do and long pauses where they stare at each other to add dramatic effect. Well I can’t say the show is that bad because I’m exaggerating, but there are definitely shows that are much better, like Dexter. All I can think about is Dexter and how much I’d love for the show to continue but that’s okay I guess. I’ll just watch the rest of the season with excitement building up every week as I wait for the next episode, instead of how, for the past few months, I could watch episode after episode with the click of a button. All in all, I really enjoyed the show and I love the actors in it, especially Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter.

31. Bike to Confederation Park

My laziness has officially kicked in.

Not to the point where I have given up completely on this blog, but I am finding it more challenging to get myself to create new posts. Anyways, here I am because I finished another bucket list item on Sunday night. My friends Olivia and Julia were going to bike to confederation park with me, which is a trail by Lake Ontario that, in my opinion, has lost a large amount of its visitors over the years. Before we were supposed to leave, Olivia suddenly couldn’t go. Julia and I met up to go to the park as we had decided it would be better to go another day. We met up and decided it would be an adventure to go to confederation park anyways! We had to bike over an overpass, follow a trail, go down a residential street, and finally enter a gate to the official end of the trail. For me, it was a giant accomplishment to just make it over the overpass! I knew I wasn’t ever too fond of heights, but as we were biking on a narrow sidewalk beside the low rail over the QEW, the terror inside forced me to clutch the handlebars of my bike as if I had somehow already fallen over the side, clutching the rails of the overpass with my life on the line. When we got over to the other side, we were so relieved. It was the biggest accomplishment of the entire excursion. We got to the gates of the park and effortlessly rode along the trail. We passed a party with music and people eating and dancing and I realized that a lot of people still enjoy the trail. We stopped for ice cream but we wanted to get home before sunset so we ditched the long line and headed home.

We knew we didn’t have much time left but we just had to keep stopping to take pictures with the wooden carvings along the trail and of the sunset, which I might add was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my entire life. The lights were starting to turn on along the bridge in the distance and around the cities near Toronto. The sky was a bright orange or coral near the horizon, it was magenta around the sun, and the clouds slowly transitioned from that bright pink to a lavender and finally to a pale blue. It was absolutely perfect! Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the beauty of the sunset with my phone’s camera, we could only look at the sunset and appreciate it for the few moments that we could. We finally went off over the overpass again, but that time, I stayed on the side with the higher railing and it turned out to be not so bad. After the overpass, we met a flock of geese just chilling on the road which, luckily for us, infrequently saw cars passing through. As we got closer to the geese, they started making more sounds and flew away. So we continued on our way home but stopped at a corner store planning to buy the weirdest thing we could buy for a dollar. We left the store empty-handed because Stoney Creek is just not the interesting at all. By the time I got home, it was dark outside and not a time for a young girl to be roaming around but I can happily say that Julia and I are alive and well and we had an awesome adventure. An adventure which I might be doing again tomorrow with some other friends but only if the weather permits it. For now, enjoy these photos of us at the trail on a day which was cloudy but turned out to produce the most stunning sunset ever! Note that I did edit a few photos just to improve the colours to even slightly resemble what we saw.

We got there!

Still cloudy when we got there

Me, my helmet, et la tortue

Me, my helmet, et la tortue

2013-08-11 19.17.01 2013-08-11 19.48.09 2013-08-11 19.51.02

Julia and I :)

Julia and I 🙂

2013-08-11 19.58.23 2013-08-11 20.06.11 2013-08-11 20.08.17 2013-08-11 20.25.59 2013-08-11 20.27.39(1) 2013-08-11 20.28.02 2013-08-11 20.27.39 2013-08-11 20.28.38 2013-08-11 20.31.04

30. Finish an Entire Puzzle

2013-08-07 22.19.38

Caroline and I destroying the puzzle afterwards 🙂

I haven’t posted anything this week because I was helping out at a day camp for kids. I had a lot more fun than I thought I would there but now I’m back to my routine of working out every morning and working on this list, slowly. However, I did finish a puzzle at my friend’s house after camp one day. I don’t have any puzzles at home but I love doing them. I’ve never finished a bigger puzzle so I put it on my list. On Wednesday, Caroline and I started a 500 piece puzzle she got from Florida with palm trees, dolphins, and colourful fish underwater. We couldn’t finish it that evening so we had to finish it off the next evening. Unfortunately, three pieces were missing but I would say it counts as a finished puzzle anyways since we put so much effort into it and since I have no access to any other puzzles. So here are some pictures of the puzzle before, during, and after!

1375832532669 1375839329986 2013-08-07 22.15.56

Challenging Myself

I have been using WordPress for only about a week and I already have plans forming for future blogs. With An Unforgettable August, my plan was to document my summer adventures which would otherwise be uninteresting. I still have so much to do of course and I will not give up on this blog! Although as I read other blogs, I’ve realized that there is so much more to blogging than a one month journey of completing a limited list. So after debating with myself about an idea I’ve toyed with in the past but have never had the time or motivation to try out, I wish to attempt a 365 day project.

I’m into visual arts but I’m a perfectionist who spends hours at a time on one piece of work. Often, it will take me days to finish a painting. And photography! I love it, but I don’t have a great camera or any editing programs. My friend Olivia M got a canon rebel and I’m obsessed with the ease it takes to capture a photo with it, but no money means no photography. On top of that, I have no time during the school year and I seldom have any motivation. That is why I have never started a 365 day project. On the other hand, there is poetry. Poetry is something I’ve wanted to be good at writing for a while and after writing a few tankas, I think I’m hooked. I understand that those are short and fairly simple to write, but I will try writing longer poems: free-form, sonnets, etc,. I will challenge myself and hope to improve by creating another blog dedicated to this 365 day project, writing poems every day for a year (probably mostly tankas though). This will be a really, really difficult challenge for me as I have never been committed to anything for more than a month. You see, I go through many phases. Except school work, school always comes first.

On another note, I was so scared when I visited this blog 15 minutes ago. It said I had 293 followers, which I know not to be true because only 2 hours before, I had my usual 51 followers. Fine, I never had that many followers, I had 4, one of which is me. So if anyone knows what is going on with that, could you please explain why my blog says there are so many followers? That many people haven’t even viewed my blog! Let me know. Also, let me know what you think of my 365 day project and if you’ve done something similar, you can share a link to your own! It’ll be a good way for me to learn 🙂

7. Bake With Friends

2013-08-03 19.35.43


Last night, I got together with my friends, Olivia W and Julia A. We went against our hard work and baked sweets. The reason I’m saying that we went against our hard work is that everyday, we have been going to the gym. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. We are keeping healthy and active by doing cardio and lifting weights. I really need it because I can’t lift anything. I’m weak. Only hours after we had worked out, we made rice krispie squares, popcorn, and watched Identity Thief. I’m not sure if making rice krispie squares is considered baking or not but I’m going to let it count. I don’t even think the final product could even be called rice krispie squares. We never measured anything, melted butter and marshmallows, added the rice krispies cereal, and poured the mixture into a small tray lined with aluminum foil. Please do not follow these instructions! Since we didn’t have wax paper and had to eat the rice krispie treats off of the aluminum foil, they could not be considered squares. We even ate bits of the foil by accident.


Chef Olivia

Chef Olivia

How will I ever feed my future children?

How will I ever feed my future children?

2013-08-03 19.51.57

The popcorn turned out much better. I have a popcorn machine and we added kernels, vegetable oil, and lots of butter and salt. That means we have a lot of work to do at the gym now. At least baking with friends can now be checked off of my list and I probably won’t be doing it again…

After the movie, we went on Omegle. I won’t expand on what exactly we did but I can say that we did some stupid things. I guess that’s what happens to a lot of us when we’re in the same room as our friends and we’ve had too much sugar.

I can't even begin to explain...

I can’t even begin to explain…

11. Write a Poem

What a great place to start on my list; 11 is my favourite number!

So this is something I’ve tried before, but I can’t say that I’ve succeeded at it. In the two weeks I sat through half a grade 11 English course in the beginning of July, I learned a lot about analyzing poetry. I also have friends who have helped me write some poems. My friend Olivia (not the one that came to the Imagine Dragons concert with me), is very artistic and she and I work together often. If you have an account on DeviantArt, please check out her profile and look through her gallery. She has so much talent and she has even written a couple of poems. Find her here. I am also a deviant and you can look through my gallery here (it’s not that impressive though). Olivia first introduced me to poetry and I have attempted putting my feelings on paper, but it didn’t work out for me. My friend Kate, who volunteers with me at the hospital, went to writing camp this summer. She came back with so much knowledge on poetry and she told me about the tanka. It is a 5 verse poem with the syllables in each line producing a scheme of 5-7-5-7-7. I tried it out and found it to be a lot of fun! It isn’t exactly a long poem but it definitely counts.

Not so Green

Flowing waves of green

Set beneath clouds of menace.

Distant soundless speech

Travels effortlessly there,

Where nature has been disturbed.

-Magdalena Kapron

I wrote it in the car while waiting at a gas station. I was surrounded by fields and distant power lines and that’s where I found my inspiration. I got home and searched up some tips on writing tankas and after reading the guide below, I tried my hand at it again and based this next poem on a past and very personal experience.


A Dark Hour

outside, children play

drifting sounds of faint laughter

open my blind eyes

mobility has left me,

but souls come to terrorize

-Magdalena Kapron

I want to challenge myself even more so if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on my poems or any ideas for poems to try, please don’t hesitate to comment!

And so it has yet to begin…

It’s the second day of the month and I have not done anything on my bucket list, yet. I have an excuse for today, sort of, because I was volunteering at the hospital as I do every Friday. As I looked at my list, I couldn’t really choose what to do because I planned on doing most of it with my friends. Also, I’m progressively working on the list everyday. For example, I play Tetris Friends on Facebook every chance I get. It’s simple. I have an addiction. When you’ve played Tetris for more than 2000 rounds, there is no possible reason to deny that you are addicted. The highest I have gotten to is rank 53. I am pretty damn proud of myself, even though rank 53 is nothing compared to a God of Tetris (the highest rank in the game). Even so, I am a King of Tetris and that’s closer to rank 60 than I have ever been.


It says I’m rank 52, but this was snapped before I hit rank 53, I swear.



I’ve have also been working on my list by watching Dexter everyday until I fall asleep. I just finished season 4 and started season 5 so if you plan on watching Dexter and haven’t gotten that far, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH! When I began watching the show, I wasn’t sold because of the whole part where Dexter kills people because I don’t believe in killing people… After finishing season 1 though, I couldn’t stop watching and got to season 5 in a month (it would have been faster but I was busy okay?). The season 4 finale made me close to tears when Rita died. I felt as if everything was finally working out in Dexter’s life and he was getting along with Rita. They could ride of together in the sunset, innocent little Rita and serial killer Dexter, but no. Stupid Trinity had to get in the way and kill her, leaving their family broken up, baby Harrison in a pool of his mother’s blood, and Dexter Ritaless. Watching that episode made me so sad and frustrated, but I thought it was a good way to move along the plot. It was so unsuspecting and got me so emotional. I had to continue watching the show because I wouldn’t just leave Dexter in his time of need, he needs me and I need him! Okay, maybe he doesn’t need me but I really enjoy the show and getting to season 8 won’t be a problem this summer.

2013-08-03 00.13.08

I’ve been working on the list in other ways too, like finish entire chapstick. You can all relate to me when I stress how easy it is to lose that small tube of lip balm. It’s even more frustrating to lose an expensive tube like Baby Lips. I wouldn’t know though because I’ve never spent more than 3$ on chapstick. However, I do know how frustrating it is to get my chapsticks dirty. I try so hard to keep them clean but it is inevitable. I had to cut a chunk off with a knife once because I had put the cap on wrong. How can one small item be so frustrating? But my goal is to finish an entire tube without losing it. My mom even bought me a good Nivea chapstick and I’ll be using it to avoid my usual chapped lips. I know, I know. It’s a challenge, but in my heart, I truly believe I can prove Boromir wrong and do it.


And so it begins…

Here is my bucket list for this August!

After spending days looking for ideas on the internet, other blogs, and asking my friends for some help, I finished it. MOST of my list is comprised of things I have never done before, but I still consider it a bucket list and I plan on doing everything on it…

  1. Jump into pool fully clothed
  2. Stay up all night to watch sunrise
  3. Watch all episodes of Dexter
  4. Bonfire with friends
  5. Star Wars marathon
  6. Give flowers to strangers
  7. Bake with friends
  8. Build a fort with sheets
  9. Where’s Waldo??? (To Be Explained)
  10. Go stargazing
  11. Write a poem
  12. Hit someone with a pie
  13. Jog at sunrise
  14. Paint a mural
  15. Finish entire chap stick
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Learn and use 10 new words
  18. Go to sleep before 12
  19. Ding Dong Ditch
  20. Make a time capsule
  21. Conduct a survey in public
  22. Expand my coin collection
  23. Tie-Dye shirts
  24. Finish a scrapbook
  25. Disney Movie marathon
  26. Wake up at 7 for a week
  27. Get to Tetris Friends Rank 60
  28. Get my hair lighter naturally
  29. Bake mugs
  30. Finish an entire puzzle
  31. Bike to confederation park
  32. Learn to juggle
  33. Make a memory box
  34. Get my G1
  35. Try melted crayon art
  36. Get my nails done
  37. Catch fireflies in a jar
  38. Go to the Science Centre
  39. Learn the alphabet backwards
  40. Take the city bus by myself
  41. Make a birdhouse
  42. Make a “Place to go Visit” list
  43. Go on everything at Wild Water Works
  44. Balloon Photo Shoot


So here it is, my August bucket list! This is going to be an unforgettable August!




Now this was on my bucket list but I cheated and did it before August began. My friends and I began planning to go to the Imagine Dragons concert at Echo Beach in Toronto for a few months now. On Monday, July 29th, my friends Olivia, Julia Squared, and I headed for Echo Beach, and even though we had some last minute problems, we got there! It was my first concert, general admission as well as outdoors, and although one of our friends couldn’t be with us, I had a great time! I was never a die-hard fan of Imagine Dragons, but now I might be becoming one… They were really good live and I can honestly say, that night is one of the best nights of my life! I have no words to describe how happy I was to be in a crowd of people all there to enjoy some good music. I cannot wait for my next concert!

…by the way, these pictures are not the most flattering, but I’m the wierdo on the right, and my beautiful friend, Olivia, is on the left! She also supplied the last picture with all the hands in the air. I felt the need to give her credit for it 🙂

pleaseno whyamiweird 2013-07-29 22.54.35 2013-07-29 22.54.42 2013-07-29 22.41.07 2013-07-29 23.03.12beautiful