About Me


Hello everyone!

I am so glad you found this page! Hahaha…

Okay. My name is Magdalena, but everyone just calls me Maggie! I’m 16 years old and soon to be in grade 11. I live in Stoney Creek, which is a small little town found in Canada. My favourite colour is teal. My favourite shows are How I Met Your Mother and Dexter. I love reading, painting, photography, tacos, jogging, napping, procrastinating, and making people smile!

I have never put myself out there on the internet, so bear with me as I try out this blog thing for the first time in my life. Since I don’t do anything, ever, I wanted to try something else this summer instead of watching TV shows all day, everyday. I scoured the internet, looking for things to add to my bucket list. I was being realistic so I decided to narrow down all the ideas into a list of activities I will hopefully get to do this August. I have one month before school starts and I’ve already wasted July doing half of a summer school course as well as creating a bucket list. I’ll try to post everyday with pictures and I WILL FINISH EVERYTHING ON THE LIST! I promise you that!

Also, it would mean a lot to me if you guys left any comments, suggestions, or followed my blog! I appreciate the feedback, positive and negative, and hope you enjoy this summer as much as I will!


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